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From Peter and Anne Gill

The kitchen in our large home in the Waitakere Ranges bush had become tired. We decided to withdraw some savings and get it renewed. We visited a number of kitchen companies and were unimpressed by the attitude of most. With one exception, none wanted to visit. They seemed to want us to draw up some kind of plan ourselves before they would consider coming to the house. One even handed us some sort of graph paper stationery on which to make this drawing.

The exception was T.K. and C. Cabinets, otherwise known as Kitchenmaker. Tania, their designer was very happy to visit and did so. The three of us discussed the possibilities and the requirements, and Tania went away to create a design. We were very happy with the drawings she produced along with her approach to customer service and gave her the order. It really was a no-brainer decision, as no-one else came close to making us feel comfortable to go ahead with the project.

We were invited to inspect the company’s workshop where the cabinetry would be made and meet the staff there, which we did. Tania kept in touch throughout the process. The installers are staff people, not contractors, which we liked. There is a very good team feel about the company and its people.

The installers were extraordinarily professional, punctual, meticulous about their work, and extremely polite. This company has helped create a highly functional and attractive looking kitchen that is a delight to work in and which has added value to our house. In short, the company has been an absolute pleasure to deal with.